Bollards When You Need Them

Bollards actually began as sturdy posts to moor ships to wharfs or quays.  They could be situated either on the ship itself or on the wharf.  By definition, a bollard was an upright, short post, but the use for bollards has extended far from the shipyard and they are now used for many purposes, often related to security.  When you add Sydney bollards to your place of business, you not only enhance traffic control and safety, but the sleek design of our bollards even adds a professional, attractive element.

Bollards are available in three different types: secured, retractable, or removable.  Removable bollards are set onto a permanent plate, but can be taken away when not needed, and then restored when wanted again.  The plate will be flush with the pavement so there will be no interruption of traffic when the bollard has been removed.  Secured bollards will be permanently installed, while retractable bollards have the ability to be lowered or raised as need dictates.  Retractable and removable bollards are excellent at blocking traffic when necessary, but allowing for deliveries or emergency vehicles.  Several types of bollards can be combined to provide for your specifications.

Whether you operate a car park, campground, or industrial site, Sydney bollards can help you control traffic and provide the security you need.  Made of the highest quality, Australian materials, you can be assured of the long life of these bollards.  The bollards are resistant to rust and weathering and will, in all probability, never need any repairs.  Pro Balustrading is the place to visit when you are in the market for bollards, and if the standard sizes are not exactly what you want, the professionals there will be happy to provide custom made bollards.  The bollards offered by Pro Balustrading are strong, sturdy, and will provide you with dependable security.

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