Brightening your House with Glass Balustrades in Sydney

Although many building materials are attractive, few can match the versatility and fine effect of glass. Well-made, safety tempered glass adds a fascinating touch to any décor. Glass is one of the few substances which is solid, yet is also nearly as transparent as air itself. Its use in architecture gives a modern look, and also has the beneficial effect of introducing more light into your home’s or business’ interior. Our company, Pro Balustrading, specializes in brightening your house with glass balustrades in Sydney and its environs.

Glass balustrades add to the brightness of a house by allowing light from the lower floor to shine upwards to the top floor, or vice versa, depending on where the strongest illumination is. All of us have seen old film noir and detective movies where the shadow of a massive, wood or marble balustrade obscures much of the light as some character moves cautiously through a building to investigate. With modern glass balustrades, these shadows are eliminated and light flows freely through the house.

The amount of light that a glass balustrade allows to shine freely through the house might seem small, but in fact, it can have quite a noticeable effect. Afternoon sun shining into the upper floor will reflect easily downstairs. A glass balustrade on a balcony will serve to let more outdoor light in, whether it is sunlight by day or moonlight at night, increasing the interior’s illumination.

Beyond all this, of course, the glass balustrade is a gleaming, transparent artefact whose sleekness and spareness help it to augment practically any décor. Whether your house is furnished in Louis XIV or Swedish Modern, Renaissance or Cubist, a balustrade custom designed by our firm, Pro Balustrading, will fit into it and make it even more distinctive and handsome. Call us today for a competitive quote and get started on improving the look of your house even further with our glass balustrades for Sydney.

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