Elegant Safety with Metal Handrails in Sydney

Grasping a sturdy metal handrail as you descend a flight of steps greatly increases your safety and decreases the likelihood of taking an injurious, headlong tumble down the stairs. Handrails for Sydney steps are useful even when there are only two or three stairs involved – without a handrail, a slip could result in a twisted ankle or other injuries even on such a short span of stairs. On a long staircase, a handrail is absolutely indispensable, since a fall could be crippling or fatal.

Our metal handrails for Sydney buildings and walkways, which you can see examples of on online at Pro Balustrading’s website (www.probalustrading.com.au) provide a smooth, comfortable, firm grip that makes descending stairs safe and climbing them easier. These handrails, made out of shimmering, silvery metal with a brushed steel finish, are also aesthetically pleasing and will add to the overall appeal of your home or commercial property as well.

There are many different ways that handrails can be arranged, depending on the specific setup of the stairs and their location (indoors or outdoors). Some handrails are mounted directly to walls. These are typically used for interior staircases, where one or both sides of the staircase are flanked by a solid wall rather than empty air. These handrails can snake around corners and follow curves as needed, and, like all of their kin, are placed at the height an average person will find convenient.

Other handrails are freestanding. When used on an interior staircase, these are basically the same thing as a “banister”. Pro Balustrading specializes in creating banisters out of metal tubing and glass panels for maximum light and an airy, sleekly modern look.

Freestanding handrails are also used at outdoor steps. Sometimes, these flank the steps on one or both sides. At other sides, in the case of broad sets of steps, the handrail is placed in the centre, making it accessible to people on both sides of the steps and giving the whole arrangement a rakishly interesting spatial structure. When you are in need of metal handrails in Sydney, turn to www.probalustrading.com.au for safe, cutting edge, highly attractive handrails at an affordable price.

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