Glass Balustrades—A Popular Design Element

With more homeowners in search of unique and modern elements to add to their home, balustrades are gaining steam as a common choice worldwide. Whether in search of an interior solution that adds style and sophistication or you need an exterior option for added security, glass balustrades in Sydney are the top choice. With benefits including unimpeded views, durability, and a sleekness that is hard to beat, glass is the best material when you want a modern look that lasts. The many ways to personalise the look will allow you to maintain a unique décor for your home or business when you add the element of glass balustrades to any area.

Frameless or Framed?

When opting for glass balustrades in Sydney, you can go with frameless or framed designs. With both offering security and safety, the main difference is the overall appearance. Frameless glass balustrades will be completely free of obstructions, making them ideal for balconies and other areas where the view is valued. When you opt for a framed balustrade, you can enjoy the modern touch of stainless steel or aluminium, which is often preferred for staircases, swimming pool balustrades, and privacy screens. Either way, the end result is a sleek look that improves the visual appeal of any room or setting.

Interior Glass Balustrades Will Transform Any Room

If you’re ready to give your home a new look that will surely gain notice, glass balustrades in Sydney may be the best option. For interior areas, glass can be used for staircases, lofted areas in the home, and partitions that enhance privacy. The endless applications for glass balustrades are making them an increasingly popular choice for domestic and commercial uses. You can also take the customisation a step further by opting for frosted, textured, or coloured glass. These additional features can give your staircase an eye-catching element that is easy to care for and long lasting.

Commercial Uses for Glass Balustrades

Sydney businesses are also starting to appreciate the versatility of glass. Ideal for privacy screens between workspaces, staircases, and balconies, glass balustrades are often found in commercial settings. The modernism of glass along with its high functionality makes it the perfect choice throughout the building. Glass creates a seamless transition between spaces, which will give your office or business a cohesive design that is easy to appreciate. For offices with multiple workspaces, textured or frosted glass will create privacy without the high cost of adding walls to the room.

Versatility and Modern Design

Simply put—glass is the most versatile of all materials used in balustrades. With endless ways to create a custom style that will stand out from the rest, your home or business will benefit from the use of glass balustrades. Sydney residents and business owners are opting for glass more often when in need of a change for any indoor or outdoor setting. With the best in swimming pool balustrades, staircases, balconies, privacy screens, and glass balustrades in Sydney, Pro Balustrading is the best choice for your balustrading needs.

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