Increasing Safety with Bollards in Sydney

A low but noticeable number of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians occurs when cars or other wheeled transport skid or simply drive off the roads they are supposed to remain on and onto the walkways designated for human foot traffic. Erecting barriers to keep out of control vehicles or inattentive drivers from mashing people on the sidewalks is the obvious solution, but in many cases, a continuous barrier is overkill. This is where bollards for Sydney safety enter the picture.

In areas with large amounts of both foot and vehicle traffic – for example, outside a hospital, an airport building, a factory, or a major office complex – setting up a continuous fence or low concrete wall along the edge of roadways and parking lots might prove more hazardous than having no protection at all. Large numbers of people might end up spending a long time in the parking or roadway areas as they walk towards one of the few gaps in the fence or the wall, forcing them into even closer proximity to thousand-kilogram masses of metal hurtling along at forty or fifty kilometres per hour.

Bollards are sturdy metal posts riveted upright to the pavement along the edge of a road, loading access ramp, parking lot, and so on. They are set up at intervals like fence posts, but no fence connects them. Instead, they provide a barrier to errant cars and trucks while allowing the free flow of foot traffic – and even small maintenance vehicles, depending on their spacing.

You can stretch plastic tape between them to create a temporary “barrier” to pedestrians if necessary, but most of the time, the purpose of these installations is increasing safety with bollards at Sydney businesses and public buildings.

Installing bollards is a specialty of our firm, Pro Balustrading (, whether your project requires a dozen or hundreds of these isolated metal posts. Call us today to receive a free quote from a friendly, helpful professional who will also assist you, if desired, in selecting the best placement and spacing of the bollards for your unique project.

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