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Products & Services | Pro Balustrading Sydney, NSW

Please find below, a list of our services and a bit of information about each:

Stainless Steel Balustrades:

We use only the best quality materials to ensure rust free and long lasting results. We place the balustrades in a secure and stable way to ensure it does not rock or come out of place. you will definetly be pleased with the results.

Our materials are all purchased in Australia to support our communities, as well as ensure only the best quality products.

We fit, maintain and secure.

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Glass Balustrades:

Glass balustrades come in all measurements, we will place the measurement that suits your installment for secure long lasting results.

Our glass is break and chip free to ensure only high quality standards.

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Swimming Pool Balustrades:

We safely install swimming pool balustrades according to the Australian government standards to ensure the security of your children and pets.

Our swimming pool balustrades will uplift your home giving you a resort look in your very own back why pay $$$ for a holiday when you can save the money and invest it in your own property and have a holiday every day in your back yard.

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We have a wide range of staircase designs, you can choose any style and design that suits your home and we will help in planning the design to ensure a staircase that properly suits your home. Brighten up your living room with a new stair case that will definetly drop jaws and increase your investment for your home.

We do stainless steel, glass, aluminium, wrought iron, wire, rode balustrades for staircases. choose the colour you want!! You will sure be pleased

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We fabricate and install any type of gate whether it was a little gate for the entrance of your home to a huge gate for your driveway, we do bout commercial, residential and industrail gates, security gates for apartments or for your home.

Why not protect your home with a fancy gate that will definetly make the face of your home look modern, elegant and stylish.

We do all modern design and classic designs.

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We do residential, commercial and industrial balconies.

Balconies will definitely change the style of your home or building. The balconies are fit and measured to ensure the Australian Govts safety standards.

You can choose from an infinate range of designs and styles for your balcony. We do glass, aluminium, stainless steel, wrought iron, wire, louvers and rode balustrades for balconies. Choose a design that will suit the style of your home.

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Louvers|Privacy Screens:

Louvers and privacy screens are designed to give you the added privacy in your home, office or business.

They can be installed as boundary fences, glass screens on balconies and the list goes on. If you want that stylish glass look but dont want your neighbours to overlook this is the design for you.

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The bollards we offer are retractable, removable or secured.

For car parks, businesses, factory fronts and for queues.

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Aluminium Balustrades and privacy screens:

We Strive in our company to offer modern and elegant Aluminium balustrading designs Sydney Wide. Aluminium can be powdercoated (painted), any colour that may suit or match the clients design.

Not only do we offer Aluminium fences but we make aluminium privacy screens and louvers that may be fixed, removable and open or shut for the clients convienance and personal privacy without completely blocking views and sun light.

We take great pride in our work and support our local businesses by purchasing all our materials from local businesses in Sydney Australia. We can make any Aluminium design to suit the clients wants and we take the extra mile to assist clients to make something unique.

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Garage Doors:

We are proud to announce that we now have added Garage doors to our company. We now supply and install aluminium rolling Garage Doors Sydney Wide with a range of styles, colours and designs…So call in for a quote today

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Laser Cut Screens:

Designs: Geometric, organic, Abstract, Classical

Materials/Finishes that can be used for the laser cut screens are :

Aluminium, galvabond steel, rusting steel, mild steel, stainless steel and brass

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