Set Your Creativity Free with Glass Balustrades for Sydney

The first thing that springs to mind when you hear of glass balustrades is a gleaming, transparent boundary along the edge of a staircase, reinforced with a few metal struts and handholds with an exquisite brushed steel finish. However, there is no need to limit yourself to just one use for these architectural features. With the expertise and professionalism that our company, Pro Balustrading, serves you with, you can make use of the contemporary elegance of glass balustrades for Sydney decorating anywhere your imagination allows.

Staircases and balconies are, of course, two excellent places to make use of glass balustrades, and are none the less attractive for being expected. A glass balustrade along a staircase maintains security while giving a more open, free appearance to the interior. Using glass around a balcony gives you the feeling of standing almost in the open air, while still ensuring your complete safety.

Walkways and galleries within your home or business property are another good place to use glass balustrades. They can serve as a divider while still maintaining an open space to avoid a cramped or claustrophobic feeling, and can be employed wherever children might be in danger in their absence.

You can even use glass balustrades as a type of fencing in the area immediately around your house. If, for example, you have a porch, you can replace wooden slat railings with a glass balustrade that still partitions the porch off from the surrounding world, but gives you a much better view when you are seated outside on the weekend, enjoying good conversation and a cool drink. They can be used to edge a pool, flow along one side of an outdoor walk to separate it from a neighbour’s space, and so forth.

The skill and experience of Pro Balustrading’s professionals will help you bring your glass balustrades in Sydney in line with your architectural or interior decorating vision. No matter the size or nature of your project, we stand ready to provide our services to you.

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