Striking Glass Balustrades for Sydney Stairways

The style of each era of history has produced magnificently unique architectural styles and decorative details, which convey both a distinctive concept of beauty and an interesting expression of the underlying cultural values that inspired it. The modern era has centred on weird geometric shapes, a clean, expressively plain design, and the use of materials such as glass and steel. Striking glass balustrades for Sydney stairways are one way you can bring a contemporary flourish to your home or office décor, and our firm, Pro Balustrading, has both twenty years of experience and cutting-edge knowledge to create the elegant results you want.

The transparent sheen of glass and the silken brilliance of brushed steel finish go very well together indeed, and a glass balustrade offers both in a carefully balanced whole. Balustrades are necessary items which must have certain physical properties to work well. They run along the outer side (or sides) of a staircase, preventing people who are climbing from tumbling over the edge, as well as giving a firm grip to assist both ascent and descent.

Since they are a safety feature, balustrades need to be tough, durable, and reliably sturdy. If a foot slips, the balustrade must remain rock solid and secure, to give you the chance to grasp it and recover. If you lean over the balustrade to speak to someone below, the structure must be well enough designed to support your weight, rather than snapping off.

Our glass balustrades, which Sydney residents and business owners can both make use of, fulfil this practical function thanks to the lightweight but sturdy steel components, such as the handrail and support posts. At the same time, the glass panels which make up most of the construction give the balustrade an airy, ultramodern look, allowing plenty of light to pass through and contributing to a clean, open design. The glass used is tempered for safety and chosen for exceptional transparency – just one of the many positive features of using Pro Balustrading’s services to upgrade your home.

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